Govt 210: Public Policy
Fall 2019


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In short:

We will begin with an introduction to the political science of public policy: the basics of government, institutions, and actors; theories and contexts of policy making; the policy process model; policy analysis; and assessing policy proposals and policy outcomes.

We will look at policy questions such as homelessness, immigration, Iran, STEM education, energy, CRISPR, drones, the intelligence community, the Arctic, autonomous vehicles, and state/local issues.

We’ll keep in mind four pairs of evaluative criteria.

As a W2 course, we’ll also introduce a variety of types of public policy writing, such as

literature review, legislative history, policy memo, writing as a team, writing under pressure, letters to the editor, oral and written Congressional testimony, writing for the Intelligence Community, executive orders and other presidential action, composing a white paper in the Internet age, foreign policy writing:  the demarche, and
writing an op-ed

with the opportunity to write, review, and revise some of these.

We will also discover commonalities among many of these types of writing, such as don’t hide the lede, offer context, tell the story, explain its importance, and what needs to happen next.