Dynamics of Political Change – Summer 2013

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This course is now closed.  Its assignments, quizzes, etc. have been hidden for possible future use in other courses.  Thanks!




What dynamics shape political change today?  We’ll look at democratization, political economy, new global actors, and more. Just political science jargon?  No!  We’ll read all or parts of:

Larry Diamond makes a movie – after he writes for 30 years about democratization and goes to Iraq to put his theories to work – he’s not some corduroy-patched academic – watch the trailer here: http://awhispertoaroar.com/trailer/ or here (starts at 0:11)

Saima Wahab goes back to Afghanistan – she’s a five-year-old Afghan girl when invading SaimaWahabSoviets kill her father. She flees with her family to Pakistan, and as a teenager to Oregon.  She goes back to Afghanistan with the U.S. military invasion as the country’s only young, college-educated Pashtun woman. *Preview: come see the author speak April 9 – ask me how.

How dbaberuth illid America lose its industrial might, and what does it mean for working people?  Mark Reutter considers the rise and fall of Baltimore in Making Steel.  We’ll pair it with illustrations from HBO’s The Wire

Convicted hacker-turned-journalist Kevin Poulsen tells the true story of another computer whiz, Max Butler, in Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground – we’ll pair this with readings on cybersecurity and cyberterrorism.

The remarkable Andrew Ross Sorkin (he wrote 71 columns for thtoobigtofailcroppede New York Times while he was still in college) tells the story of origins and consequences of Too Big to Fail: what really happened to cause the Great Recession of 2008 and the continuing global difficulties?

This course meets asynchronously online.  Assignments and discussions will take place primarily on facebook and on this web site.  You read, write and engage on your own schedule from anywhere in the world that has reliable Internet. You’ll have the chance to explore any of these or another idea of your choice in an end-of-semester paper.

This course meets American University’s Green Teaching Certification.
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