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Govt 496: Business and Government:  Week 6

Working on your Papers


This week you are working on your papers: we posted this on fb on Sunday:

Just a reminder – you are working on your papers this week. You and I should talk about them if you like, but certainly you should send me a short msg about it by Monday, regardless of how far along (or not) you are. There’s a document [on our fb page] in “Files” – called Paper Instructions Summer 2018 – you should use them for guidance – they are directed to a semester-long course – but the main principles apply, incl. est. 2000 words (I think that’s what I said on the syllabus, you can check) and one-page executive summary. And you’ll also post a two-minute video (by next Sunday night, June 24) on your paper. Ok, send me a short note about your paper (incl questions, if any) and let me know if you want to talk, skype, etc.

No need to post anything here – message me, let’s talk if you like, and really do a job!