CORE 105-
Future of Technology Policy
Spring 2019

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Week 7  – Tech-Ins on Finance and Agriculture

Last week your classmates led great discussions on the impact of technology on health and the environment and the policy questions that they generate.  This week we continue with one of those themes when we consider Agriculture.  But Agriculture is also big business, and our Finance team introduces us to some questions in that arena

Your classmates ask you to read these before class:

Tech-In: Technology Policy and Agriculture

Agricultural Robotics (“Agrobots”?)
Richard van Hooijdonk explores four different ways robots will influence the agriculture industry, including addressing the labor shortage, increasing  crop yields and harvesting efficiency, and allowing farmers to spend more time on the business side of farming.
Jeff Daniels, CNBC, investigates the current farm labor shortage, and analyzes how robots could aid farmers experiencing the impact from this shortage, as robots are cheaper in the long run, can work around the clock, and are much gentler when packing produce than humans.
Vertical Farming
Ian Frazier, in The New Yorker, writes about the evolution of a vertical farm in NYC, from it’s conception as a small-scale experiment, to it’s gradual expansion to a factory-size operation. He reviews the process and collaboration that went into the development of the concept, the first efforts at execution, and even explores the various inventions and innovations that made them possible.
Grant Imahara, in Wired, interviews various people involved with a vertical farming company operating in Tokyo, Japan. He takes a brief look at some of the facilities, and discusses the implications vertical farming can have for the future.

Tech-In: Technology Policy and Finance


Carlos Manjon discusses crowdfunding platforms and how they have developed over the years. He focuses in on crowdlending and what the future of investment looks like.


NFC Payments – Background and What’s Next?

Intro from Buzzfeed:
An article from Buzzfeed explaining a journalist’s desire to pay for everything careless led to him receiving a RFID implant in his hand. (https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/charliewarzel/yes-we-scan)
A video from the same article, but it tells the story differently