CORE 105-
Future of Technology Policy
Spring 2019

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Week 13 and 14  – The Future of Technology Policy

In these weeks, we review the intro to public policy theory ideas we discussed at the beginning of the semester, and bring them together with some of the various technology policy challenges we’ve discussed.

Weeks 13 and 14 – The Future of Technology Policy

Tuesday April 16 – Meeting at Office of Sen. Kamala Harris (D.-CA), 1:30pm

105 at Sen Harris with Nick Wunder
Friday April 19 – Assignment on Bb

Tuesday April 23 – Artificial Intelligence (Hannah Brown assignment on Bb)

The Big Debate about the Future of Work, Explained – Vox video
Watson and the Jeopardy Challenge – IBM Research video
How AI can save our humanity – Kai-Fu Lee, TED video

Friday April 26 – Last Class: Looking Back, Looking Ahead at the Future of Technology Policy