CORE 105-
Future of Technology Policy
Spring 2019

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Week 3 – Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

By now many of you probably have your own experiences using a drone for fun or maybe at work.  Knowing only about your own experiences, what kinds of issues do drones raise for policy makers?  Knowing about other users’ experiences, or your imagination, what other issues might arise that need government attention?  Maybe you’ve also been in an autonomous vehicle?  What was that experience like? What public policy questions did it raise for you then, or now?

Drones – Jan 29

1 – What are we talking about?

Short intro to the law (before the 2016 updates by FAA), and video (2:10)

Amazon Prime Air – Amazon promised us this five years ago – but my stuff still comes by truck, video 1:19

2 – Drone Policy

Read the intro to the law: – just introduce yourself – be sure at least to read this main page, then “Getting Started” and “Airspace Restrictions” and “Washington, D.C.

3 – A few examples of drones at work…

Intro for people who don’t read laws –,2817,2491507,00.asp

A couple of useful ideas from drones – find bad guys, find good guys, watch the watchers…

A very short clip of #nodapl opponents to the Dakota Pipeline at Standing Rock – 21 seconds –

4 – Just for fun: Sometimes drones crash

Enjoyable, but also worth keeping in mind when you are making policy…

PowerPoint slides on additional material and class discussion material – on Bb

Autonomous Vehicles – Feb 1

Or “Self-Driving Cars (and trucks)”: to read before class

Keep in mind our models of decision-making: Elite theory, Group theory, Institutional theory, Rational choice theory, and Political systems theory.  Keep in mind also our policy-making/policy-analysis models from Kraft and Furlong



and our Criteria for Evaluating Public Policy Proposals


Here are two short introductions in the general and trade press, and two independent research reports of medium and long-length

Please read the first two articles. For the two longer research reports you are not expected to read the 40-page and 200-page reports in their entirety! – you are expected to know what topics they address – read the introductions/executive summaries, etc.

Driverless cars have hit lots of, um, speed bumps – but the hype is still going strong (even if it sounds a little more sober).  Here’s a 2018 look from California (video, 2 min, opens new window).

Finally, there’s often a lot of truth in the articles from this outlet:

PowerPoint slides on additional material and class discussion material – on Bb