CORE 105-
Future of Technology Policy
Spring 2019

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Weeks 1 and 2 – Welcome the the Future of Technology Policy

Weeks 1 and 2 will introduce the purposes, strategy, and tactics of the course.  We’ll take an initial look at how some people approach the future of technology policy, to get us thinking in these kinds of ways.  We’ll also introduce public policy as an academic field – relying in part on the web site for Kraft and Furling’s Public Policy textbook.  You do not need to buy the textbook – the web site is enough for us.

Please read for January 18:

Ray Bradbury, “The End of the Beginning” (1956) – on Bb and here
Issac Asimov, “Visit to the World’s Fair of 1964,” New York Times, Aug 16, 1964, on Bb and here
Isaac Asimov, “Asimov’s New World,” Toronto Star, Dec. 27, 1983, on life in 2019, on Bb and here

for January 22:

Kraft and Furlong, Public Policy
– Chapter Summary and eFlashcards for Chapter 1,
– Chapter Summary of Chapters 2 and 3

for January 25:

We’ll look at technology policy questions in Ayn Rand’s Anthem.  You can purchase this book very cheaply online, or read it free online (but I suggest an actual book)

PowerPoint slides on additional material and class discussion material – on Bb