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2018 Summer Online – Politics 333: Democracy and…

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Welcome to 333: Democracy and Democratization:
Week 6 – July 30:
  Your Own Papers

Welcome to the part of the course where you choose your own area of inquiry. The details of the paper requirements are on our facebook group page, under Files > Paper Instructions.  Notice that instead of an in-class presentation, you’ll post a short video on our facebook page.  Choose a topic relevant to our course – but that is a very wide umbrella of topics.

You and I should have already discussed your paper topic – in person, by email, fb msg, etc.  If we have not, please email me at Quirk@cua asap.

Three deliverables:

1 – by this Thursday, August 2, you should post here approx 100 words on your paper topic.

2 – by next Wednesday, August 8, you should email your paper to me,

3 – by next Thursday, August 9, you should post a one- to two-minute video (and definitely not more than three minutes) to our facebook group – what your paper question was, and what you learned, and why it was interesting, etc.  Make us smart.

Ok, everyone – this is the part that you do yourself –  pursue something you’re curious about, really dig into it, and deliver a showcase paper, something you can use as a short writing sample for future jobs, internships, etc.

***By Friday noon EDT, August 10, is the last time I can accept all of you posts and replies, this paper, and your video on fb and any other material.

Ok, big finish – write a great paper!

2 Replies to “CUA-333-DEM-2018-july30”

  1. My paper is on the on-going civil war in Yemen which many can say is a proxy war fought between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Politically and economically the country is in ruins. This conflict is considered one of the largest humanitarian crisis so far with tens of thousands of civilians dying due to constant fighting.

  2. The topic of my paper was, “Why Democracy and Social Media is Important.” I chose that topic because I am truly excited to see the various movements happening because of the pushes of social media. I find it exciting to see the new edge that social media has built for many countries. As a United States citizen, I am starting to see the drive that social media has placed on our political realms. It is something that has built relationships across our nation and has increased the voices of many. It is a breath of fresh air to see many now included, rather excluded. Social media has become a thing of politics and democracy now. It is rewarding to live in such an era to witness this myself.

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