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Welcome!  to 2019 Summer Online: Session I

CPOL 510:  Power and Money: Topics in Global Political Economy

Last updated 12 May, 4:36 PM Washington time

Welcome to Power and Money!

This will be our primary work space.  Please see our Blackboard page for introductory material – and please watch this video just below here

Your readings and videos each week will be online – there are no textbooks to purchase.  We will begin Tuesday, 14 May.  If you have any questions, please email me  – thanks and more soon…

Outline of Assignments

Most weeks have a sequence:  I’ll offer you some readings and videos; you’ll reply to some prompts; and you’ll discuss your responses with each other

May 14 – Intro to Online Learning and a Look Ahead – click here for this week’s material

We start with an introduction to how the Internet is changing how scholars impact politics and economics (and how politics and economics impact scholars)

May 21 – Keynes and Hayek: The Battle Begins 

In some ways, we have the same debates today as in the 1890s, 1930s, and 1980s, etc.:  What is the proper role of the government in the economy?  What are the relationships between politics and economy? How do we balance competing interests of liberty and individualism with our obligations to each other as a community?

Man Controlling Trade, by Michael Lantz, 1938-1942, outside the Dept. of Labor, depicts government forcefully restraining business.

May 28 – Keynes and Hayek – Pendulums and Crises

In other ways, the global economy today would be unrecognizable to earlier generations in academia, politics, and business – and so we need new ideas on how to approach those debates

June 4 – From Globalization to…? 

The global economy emerged at the end of the Cold War in conjunction with the rise of the Age of Communications.  The IT revolution, global trade, global migration, environmental questions, and new media clash with carbon-based energy politics, new and ancient identity questions, and increasing global and national inequalities – and now a rising tide of populism.  What are the right questions we should be asking?

June 11 – Emerging Challenges in the Global Political Economy

Autonomous Vehicles, AI, Gene Editing, and Space Economy – along with old-fashioned rivalries among great powers and challenges from rising powers.  What do we know – and not know – about  does today’s global political economy – and tomorrow’s?

Would you rather have land, oil – or data?

June 18 – Finishing Your Final Papers

Ask yourself, What is it I [that is, you] really want to know?  Something we talked about in class, or something we didn’t.  Ask that question – and try to find some answers

June 25 – What’s Next for Power and Money?  Looking Ahead….

Each week we will consider one or more elements in the global political economy

We will consume a number of readings, videos, or other assignments.  We’ll offer prompts to those – we’ll ask a couple of questions, and you’ll write thoughtful, coherent response to one or more of them.  We’ll also reflect on each other’s essays – emulating, in some ways, what a dynamic classroom discussion might look like.  We’ll do all this on this web site.

Additionally, we’ll look for global political economy in the news.  Each week you’ll share a story that excites, bothers, or otherwise interests you.  And we’ll offer comments on at least a couple of our classmate’s posts.

We’ll move fast and cover a lot of ground – hope you will join us!