Welcome to 2018 Summer Hybrid – LS 657: Challenges of Democracy

July 18 – Meeting via Google Hangout

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After each of us introducing ourselves, we introduced a number of components of our course.
1 – we’re forced to make changes to the schedule – after our meeting tonight, we’ll try to meet in person in Columbia next Tuesday July 24, and Thursday Aug 16.  I know these are not the originally scheduled dates – I hope everyone will be able to attend, but if you have unchangeable conflicts, I completely understand.
2 – we introduced an outline of the content we’ll cover – we’ll do three readings for Tuesday July 24 to give us an introductory look at concepts in democracy.  Next, we’ll do one week of democracy as “theory and practice” – a little more “political science-y” than our other weeks.  Then, we’ll look at democracy and technology in a couple of different ways – including Edward Snowden and Robert Mueller.
3 – for our meeting Aug 16, each of you will present your papers – the approx. 2,000-word examination of a democracy topic of your own choosing.  You might be interested in a particular country, or a theme, or an historical issue, or something else – you’ll submit your paper and talk to the class about it in Columbia on Aug 16.  You and I should discuss your paper individually once or more before that.
4 – we’ll have one week of “looking back, looking ahead” after our paper presentations – all work will be due by August 21.
5 – the usual schedule each week will be :  I will post something for you on govt396.com: an intro, some readings and videos, and some questions.  You’ll answer one or more of these questions, and by two days later you’ll reply to a couple of your classmates’ posts.  But for next week, July 24, you’ll bring your essay to class (as well as posting online) but we’ll do the discussion part in the classroom

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