SPA 362 – Leadership Development Lab II – Spring 2020
Wednesdays, 6pm, SIS 120

Schedule of Assignments

This is the most up-to-date resource for our reading assignments, deliverables, and other daily and weekly assignments.  Please be sure to complete the assigned readings and other material before you come to class to discuss that day’s topic(s).  Weekly reflections are due on Bb on the Tuesday night before Wednesday’s class.  Group work is due two weeks before your group’s presentation.

Syllabus: original draft of complete syllabus is on Bb > Syllabus.  You can find some of the important material from the syllabus, related to these reading and writing assignments, here

University Resources from CTRL: link to resources info on academic support, student support, instructional technology, and University-wide policies


Weeks 1 and 2 – (Re-) Introduction to Leadership

Week 3 through Week 10 – Portraits of Leadership: Examining the Lives, Motivations, Philosophies, and Actions of Leaders

Studies of Leadership in:

Week 3 – Jan 29 – Government I: Diplomacy:  Frances Perkins, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice

*Spring Project Update Work due Tues Jan 28

Week 4 – Feb 5 – Government II: International Peace:  Muhammad Yunus, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson, Tawakkal Karman, Leymeh Gbowee

Week 5 – Feb 12 – Business and Technology I: Peter Drucker and Jeff Bezos

Week 6 – Feb 19 – Business and Technology II: Andy Grove and Tricia Griffith

*Project Update 1 due Tues Feb 18

Week 7 – Feb 26 – Media and Social Media – Katharine Graham and Larry Page (and a few others)

Week 8 – Mar 4 – The Arts: An Anthology

Spring Break: No class March 11

Week 9 – Mar 18 – Education: Wendy Kopp, Fred Swaniker, Sylvia Burwell

Week 10 – Mar 25 – Crisis:  Clinton and Gingrich, Jacinda Arden, Barack Obama

*Project Update 2 due Tues Mar 24

Week 11 – Apr 1 – Leadership:  Looking Back, Looking Forward

Week 12-13 – Completing your projects and poster

*Project and Poster completed by Wednesday, April 15

Week 14 – SPA Symposium and Alumni Reception, Tuesday, April 21, 5pm –
Please note – Apr 21 is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday.  Please work out with your internships, employers, etc. that you need to be here for this

Week 15 / Final Exam Period – Reflections on Leadership in Action