2018 Summer Online:  

You can also see a selected list of courses I have taught, mostly in the traditional classroom format. Some courses on this site are temporarily hidden from the public, usually because the course is being revised, and/or to hide previous assignments (and answers!).

LS 657: Challenges to Democracy 

Govt 496 / 696 :  Business and Government

Keynes and Hayek: The Battle Begins
Keynes and Hayek: Pendulums and Crises
Enduring Challenges: Energy,  Cyber, and Privacy
Emerging Challenges: Self-Driving Cars, Gene-Editing, and Space
What’s Next: The Future of Work

Politics 212: International Relations

Introduction to Online Learning
Intro to International Relations: From States to Globalization
Power and Money: International Political Economy
Democracy and Democratization
Refugees and International Relations
Your Individual Paper

Politics 333: Democracy and Democratization

Welcome to Democracy and Democratization: What is, and is not, democracy?
Democracy and The World:  Changing Each Other
American Democracy: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly
What’s Next for Democracy:  Technology
What’s Next for Democracy:  China and the Middle East?
Revisiting Whisper to a Road; This Town; or Nation-Building
Your Individual Paper


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