Privacy On this site, you can use a pseudonym, as long as you use the same one consistently and as long as you let me know. Additionally, postings here by you will not appear instantly – they will wait as “pending” until  I approve them.  This is necessary because of the amount of NSFW spam that would appear otherwise.  Please be aware that our work on  are open on the “regular” Internet, not hidden behind walls like Blackboard etc.

Facebook:  We’ll use facebook for current-events postings, as well as short notes, reminders, etc.  Your classmates and I cannot see more of you on facebook than any other strangers – what we see depends upon your own facebook settings. Our group-page settings will be “closed” – you can see who else is in the group, and they can see you are in the group, but not more than that (subject to your own privacy settings, of course).

This might be a good time to review your privacy settings and facebook’s privacy policies.  It is strongly recommended that you have a facebook account for this course. If that is impossible, let’s discuss.

Other:  Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions – thanks!

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