#MakeAmericaStrongerTogetherAgain ?

What happened to the level of our [un]civil discourse? Why do so many people seem just trumpclintonweddingnot to like Hillary Clinton? How did Donald Trump (not really a Republican) and Bernie Sanders (not really a Democrat) do so well in the primaries? What is this “change” we all seem to want? Have Republicans already lost the Hispanic vote, like the African-American vote? Why is trust in the media and in the candidates so low? Is it time for a third party? Could the whole electoral system really be “rigged,” and if so, could it be under foreign influence?  Every pundit has a range of opinions.

Among terribly polarized professional partisans and a vast middle unhappy with the whole thing, Americans of all political persuasions share one idea about this election: it has been a crazy year. Continue reading “#MakeAmericaStrongerTogetherAgain ?”


Middle East Christians and the 2016 U.S. Elections

Across the Middle East, refugees, IDPs, and indigenous religious minorities remain at considerable risk.  The U.S. presidential election has not addressed any of these concerns, from humanitarian or geo-strategic perspectives. But the new U.S. president will have to.