Nation-Building is Dead – Long Live Nation-Building

If we can’t or won’t do nation-building, we lose a crucial set of humanitarian, democratic, and security tools

Photo: Orion Policy Institute

The return of the Taliban after the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan led to a torrent of post-mortems. But they often missed an important lesson: that nation-building can be enormously beneficial for the post-conflict countries and for the rest of us – if only we could figure out how to do it.

But without the ability to help a shattered country rebuild, we miss very important humanitarian, democratic, and security tools. Peaceful, prosperous, and democratic is good for any postwar country – and for the rest of us.

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Voices of Haiti – Catastrophes and Hope

Drack Bonhomme
Drack Bonhomme, founding director of LIDGA

Drack Bonhomme is the founding director of the L’Ouverture Institute for Diplomacy & Global Affairs (LIDGA), a research and education institution in Haiti

Bonhomme reflected on Haiti’s challenges and paths forward at the Institute for Policy Studies at The Catholic University of America

The interview (video) (42 min)

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