Tech and Ed: the Dark Side

Naturally: law grads who sat for the bar exam last week and experienced a “software glitch” – couldn’t upload their essays – have filed a class action suit.

In case you missed it,

“when takers attempted to upload their answers after the first day of the exam on July 29, many encountered a glitch that held up their answers for many hours. A number of jurisdictions extended their submission deadlines, but some test takers were left frustrated and rattled.”

If you don’t know the bar exam, imagine the SAT – except this exam after you finish law school determines whether after four years of college and three years of law school, you will be allowed to be a lawyer.  So any “distress” during the exam is not just inconvenient, it could influence how well you do on the rest of the exam.

Tech firms have to get some things right.  This is one.

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