Bienvenidos a Cuba

I thought this would be the first thing Obama did in 2009 – and in 2013.  A key question now is whether this is domestic policy (ideological, electoral) or foreign policy (countering a rise in Chinese influence?). Some of the other questions we will see debated endlessly in the near future include:
A Cuban perspective

– what was the role of U.S. gaming industry? agricultural exporters?

– will this advance democracy in Cuba? Is China instructive here?
– will this improve the economy in Cuba?  The obvious answer might be Yes, but look at Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti…. Disney Cruises and Diet Coke don’t make your economy boom.
– will this benefit “ordinary” Cubans? Who will benefit and who will lose – from the rise in tourism jobs but increased prices for everything from food to real estate….
– how will this influence Marco Rubio’s nomination prospects, or Jeb Bush’s?
– in 10 or 30 years, where will this rank in Obama’s foreign policy legacy?
– what is the role of Pope Frances in shaping this or other aspects of U.S. foreign policy?
– when do Spring Break Habana ads start appearing on Instagram?

What do you think?

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