(From April 15 2012, updated April 19, 2013)

What we’re doing:  two online courses for 2013: in Summer I  dynamics of political change (a media-rich look at democratization, political economy, and new global actors), and in Summer II the politics of nation-building (first-person accounts of the front-lines of nation-building, and greater context).

A sneak preview (starts at 0:11 – worth the wait):


How we do it:  Readings for each course are accompanied by videos, reading guides, and discussion guides.  Discussions will be here, with shorter current-events comments and links on the course’s facebook page.  Each student will also have a chance to explore at length a topic of his/her own choosing.  Courses are designed to have the same rigor as face-to-face spring/fall courses.  Also see our Privacy notes.

Background:  This site began in Summer 2012 as a source for American University‘s online course in Politics of Nation-Building, and is structured to expand to serve future online courses.

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